KarenDear Smart, Driven Leading Edge Thinker,

I'm Karen Luniw of the Law of Attraction Center and I sure hope you joined me for my jam-packed Attract More Dollars call!  (If you haven't tuned into it yet, click here to get your audio link)

Now that you've listened to the Attract More Dollars call - you want to take the next step which is to attend my... 

Attract More Money Bootcamp E-course*** which starts as soon as you sign up!   (You'll receive 4, 1-hour Bootcamp sessions emailed to you once a week!)

You've started to create awareness NOW it's all about taking the next steps to bust through your money blocks!!


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PhoneFor this investment you'll receive:

  • 4 hours (at least) of coaching content calls where I'll share what actions I took that shifted me from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset
  • 1 Question and Answer call where I answered all the questions the participants have and I won't quit til they're all answered!
  • Assignments that will start to reveal exactly what your blocks are about money
  • What the next steps are to busting through those blocks once you've identified them
  • My best resources that will help you to take action
  • A walk-through of my best techniques that I use personally and share only with my top coaching clients

In this series of classes you'll discover:

  • Why your current money mindset is being propelled in the direction its going
  • The Nine Steps I went through over a decade that you can use to shift your money consciousness in a month saving you tons of time (and money)! 
  • What your money puppy needs and why taking it for a walk can change your entire life
  • Your 'No Dough Blocks' - these stop us consistently from living the life of financial abundance we deserve:
    • You'll learn what they are
    • How they show up
    • What to do to eliminate them as they come up long after this class is over
  • A variety of techniques I use to clear mental blocks, and not just money blocks, that have stopped me and my clients cold in the past.  These are easy to use and you shouldn't be without them.
  • The reasons we consistently don't get what we want is revealed - this alone can change everything for you

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This series of classes is for people who:

  • Have consistently done well with money but have not moved past a certain income level no matter what you do
  • Have money but never feel comfortable with it and know they're holding their own abundance back
  • Have on-going issues with money and never seem to have enough
  • Quite literally, if you feel blocked in any way around money - there is something in this class for you!

From one extreme to the other - if you see yourself in any of those descriptions - this class will open up your flow of abundance - I know it!!

Without a Doubt, this class is worth far, far more than the $129 I'm charging!

If this is the conversation going on in your head:

  • 'This is too cheap so there must not be any real value in it' (BTW, this would be my first thought so you're in good company :))

Understand that you're likely at a higher abundance level than others - which is awesome!  However, don't underestimate the value.  

You WILL get as much value or more as you would from a course that costs anywhere between $500 - $1000 (and I know because I've bought them!!)  

I always give way more value than what you pay for....period.

  • 'I have the money but am not sure I should spend it'

There's a reason for you having this thought that stops you from getting what you want and we talk about it in these classes so 'loosen the purse strings Wilma!' It'll be worth every penny and more.  Invest in yourself, don't you deserve that?

  • 'I can't afford it'

Been there - done that.  Be honest with yourself - can you afford not to?  What else do you spend money on to reward yourself with because you never have enough money?  If you commit to these exercises, I know it will make a tremendous difference in your life....it has no choice not to.


You're a busy person and because I know that, I've set this up so if you can't make it to the classes - you'll get the recording so you can listen to it when it suits YOU.  

  • Weekly lists of the class exercises and work pages to keep you on track.
  • Checklist and outline of clearing methods so you can easily pick and choose which technique works for you.
  • My own example of a goal card and what I do with it DAILY that keeps me on track with my financial goals.

So really, what are you waiting for?

It's no coincidence you're reading this - you've been asking for it.  

I'm here to share what I know.  Let me, I can't wait!


You can register here, it's just $129

Once you register, you will receive an email automatically confirming your registration along with the download information for your first 1-hour session!

I so look forward to helping you to take your money situation to the next level!!!

Best of everything to you,


Have Questions? Send them to me via email.

***This is how the E-course is set up:

  • 4 content calls (at least an hour each) and 1 Question and Answer call
  • Each week, by email, you'll receive the link to that week's content call and your exercises for the week
  • As soon as you register, you'll be sent the first weeks information and call link.  Each week for the following three weeks you'll receive by email that weeks information and call link.
  • On week 4 - you will receive by email both the 4th content call and the Question and Answer call and the final information.